Silk I love to paint

I love painting on various silk fabrics, and they are all 100% pure silk.

I love the Habotai Silk (also known as the Smooth China Silk) – It is a very light pure silk fabric, having a subtle sheen. Habotai is the classic silk fabric for painting onto – it truly allows the design to stand out, having great draping, with a wonderful look and feel.

Satin and Chiffon are also very popular: Silk Satin feels a bit heavier as fabric, but bears the colors gracefully and makes a unique accessory for a more formal outfit.

Chiffon Silk – it is a feather-light silk fabric, and quite transparent, with a wonderful feel. Chiffon scarves are very chic and elegant.

I love painting on the Crepe de Chine Silk as well – it a thicker crepe silk fabric with a slightly crinkled texture, having a gentle, graceful drape, and a very soft hand. It is lustrous and beautiful to wear, and makes great silk wraps for cooler nights.

we love to paint silk

I just adore another type of silk fabric, kind of a cross in weave between the Crepe de Chine and the Silk Satin fabrics – it is called Flat Crepe Silk. It feels like a very, very thin Satin, lighter and shinier than the Crepe de Chine, and makes amazing scarves. Although very thin and light, it stays lustrous and lush. It makes very elegant silk shawls.

Silk Charmeuse is a another luxurious type of silk fabric, rich and lush, that makes very elegant scarves. That silk fabric works great for every season and every style – from sporty and casual outfits to more elegant ones.

You should definitely check the silk-wool shawls. They feature a uniquely superb fabric – the Silk-Wool Blend (a mix of 63% silk and 37% wool). The silk-wool shawls are soft and warm. They offer warmth and make great wraps for cooler nights, but do not feel scratchy or rough at all. With their very subtle shine and soft beauty, the hand painted silk-wool shawls make a great fashion statement to any outfit on a cooler day or night.

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