The splendour of silk

The splendour of silk combines with the classy elegance of Sarti’s garments and hand-painted artistic decorations, which are rooted in the Italian tradition.

Silk, the fabric which was originally the exclusive property of Chinese emperors, is quintessentially refined and light. The original design of the shapes and cuts is accompanied by the freshness of the motifs, which take on a brilliance thanks to the fabric.
The pleasure of the touch of silk on your skin combines with the feeling of exclusiveness which comes from the uniqueness of the bespoke hand-painted fabric for each item.

The collection is therefore intended for the sophisticated customer, who can appreciate it and feel a satisfaction when putting on an exclusive garment.

Sarti, A passion for silk

Born of the marriage of two passions and two lives: the creation of garments, and painting. Even as a small girl, Adriana Tiron used to love to dream up and make clothes for herself and her friends, ones that could make her feel unique and special. For Marco Sartor, his artistic expression was always through a canvas and a paint-brush.

Adriana Tiron
marco sartor

The two passions meet on the “Silk Road”, each one finding in this elegant fabric its best expression: elegance and refinement.

sarti silk butterfly

The Sarti Butterfly

The Sarti Butterfly encapsulates all their values: it is born of silk, elegant, light, graceful shapes and marvellous colours. Out of Adriana and Marco’s creativity, original products come forth and develop: exclusive garments, accessories such as scarves but also home accessories, such as cushions and lamps and blinds. One common thread runs through all of them: Silk.

At work

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